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Atomic Evolution

Upon The

Cosmic Planes

Evolution upon the Cosmic planes may be described as the gradual populating of the circle of space with atoms; eons passing in the process.

    The prime atoms populate Circle One.

    The first composite atoms populate Circle Two.

    Elaborations of these composite atoms populate Circle Three, etc.

These types of matter are distributed in concentric spheres throughout the Cosmos, out to the circumference of the Ring-Pass-Not, going out along the lines of the Rays, so that, while the first circle contains only atoms of its own type, each succeeding circle has in its atoms inter-atomic movements representative of each of the inner circles, the construction of the outermost atoms being most elaborate.

When the atoms reach the outermost sphere, they encounter the opposition of the Ring-Pass-Not. The atoms of the outermost circle are an exceedingly complex system of movements within movements. Having gone out from the Central Stillness with a centifrugal force, they are now opposed by the Ring-Pass-Not and, owning to the opposition, return with a spiral movement. This it is which gives their peculiar formation to the Rays.

Having reached the center, these atoms are then drawn outwards with a straight centifrugal motion along the lines of the opposite Ray to one on which it entered the center, to return again in the same way, but at different angle, which will cause them, upon the next circuit to follow the next Ray, and in like manner work their way around the circle. When feeling the opposition of the Ring-Pass-Not they make a circular movement upon the plane of the outermost circle, thus feeling its force from all angles. They repeat this movement upon each plane as they return.

Now, each movement in space continues as a movement, therefore every influence that plays upon these atoms is registered in the reaction of stresses within their structure, so that each atom returns to the Central Stillness infinitely more complex after each journey

Let us note that the flowing out of the atoms to the circumference and their return to the center marks a phase of evolution of the Cosmos; and the completion of the ciruit of the Rays by an atom marks a phase of evolution of that atom. When it has completed this circuit, it has experienced all the forces that the Cosmos can offer it, and when all the atoms evolved have complated the circuit, the evolution of atoms upon such a tide is limited to the proportion of force that has taken up a tangential form, a state of equilibrium is achieved within the Cosmos, for evolution proceeds from the first movement of a state of uncompensated force until equilibrium is achieved. This is the completion of an evolution, a state of equilibrium, a relative stillness,

We have now described three phases of Cosmic evolution;

  1. The development of the Rings, which gave rise to each other through an elaboration of forces untill a state of equilibrium is achieved.

  2. The vortices set up by the movements of the Rings gave rise to the Rays and Circles.

  3. The tangential movements set in motion by the movements of the Rays and Circles, which built the atoms.

Let it be noted that a phase of development is succeeded by a phase of equilibrium or balance during which that which has been developed is gestated. These phases may also be known as the Days and Nights of Brahma.

Let us remember that these are cyclic phases so when the equilibrium ends a new phase of development and manifestation begins anew. These forces are based upon the relationship of the units previously built up, and are influenced by the prime determinants, the Rings, the Rays, and the Circles. Within the limits, and subject to the nature of the units upon which they act, they may form new combinations, permutations, and rhythms of action and reaction, until the forces have achived their equilibrium, when the final combination has been formed, these forces achieve a state of Cosmic balance or equilibrium.

These cyclic phases of evolution and equilibrium, development and balance are due to the same forces as set up the prime Rings. The fact that movement generates movement and sets up a sphere of swirl outside its own path. That is way, though every fresh set of forces set in movement must attain to a final equilibrium determined by the factors in their natures, such an equilibrium, being only a maintaining of position of movements relative one to another, being a relative stillness must by its nature move into a new phase of evolution, because a Cosmos built of movement generates movement.

We now have a clear concept of the framework of the Cosmos; the Rings, the Rays and the Circles. These have completed their evolution and have settled into a static condition, and now its only reacts to the Cosmos passing throught its positive and negative spheres of influence, four to the cycle . These make great phases, the phase when the constructive influence is intensified, and the phase when the destructive influence is intensified. The Circles and the Rays flow steadily in their orbits, but when the positive phase is in being the out flowing currents flow with an intensified force, and when the negitive phase is in being the in flowing currents flow with an intensified force.

The Great Rings, three in number, are the Primal Trinity, the Absolute, and is also known as Parabrahm. Because there are three Rings the Absolute is a Triune Force. These three acting togather with an indissoluble interaction, are the Three which are One, and the One which is Three.

    The Rays form togather a complex system known as the Zodiac.

    The Circles are the Cosmic Planes.

    The Central Sun is that point in space which would be reached if a line from the sun of our system were drawn to Alpha Centauri and thence projected.

You have seen how the atoms arise, as vortices in the angles of the Rays; how in their simple form, they remain upon the first of the Cosmic Planes wherein they originated. When, however, they form alliances among themselves and become composite, their specific gravity, their susceptibility to influences, is increased, and susceptibility to influence is all that gravity is. That fact forms the basis of limitation and flight through space.

When the atom become composite, centrifugal forces drive them outwards and, finding the path of least resistance, they proceed within the flowing currents of the Rays. When they reach the next circle they remain ther, having found their level of gravity. Then presently some composite atoms form additional associations and and are again swung out by the path of a Ray. This process continues and only when the atoms of the most complexity of the Seventh Circle form alliances that they start back up the spiral to the Central Sun.

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Thursday 19 April, 2018

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