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The Evolution Of A Great Entity

The Heavenly Man

Up to this point we have considered the evolution of points of manifestation from a subjective point of view; we will now consider the matter as it appears subjectively to that unit of manifestation referred to as a Great Entity.

Now, let us conceive the sensation of a whirling and no other sensation at all. Conceive yourself so immersed in that sensation that if it would cease it would cause a sensation.

Now, let us conceive a secondary motion developing, perceived due to its newness, and losing its stimulative power owing to habituation, as did the primary, and so on in sequence.

We will now perceive that movements that are habitual must be maintained if an absence of distracting sensation, “the basis of attention”, is to be achived. Therefore, the accustomed movements are implicit in the “being” of that which is based upon them, and, when awakening into manifestation, it will always seek to establish those motions as the basis of its existence.

Now then, let us recall the phases of movement to which the Great Entities become habituated in the course of Cosmic evolution which led to their development, and you will see that all those movements have become implicit in their nature and will be reproduced when they, in turn, set out upon that inner elaboration which constitutes the next phase of Coamic evolution

Implicit in its nature are the phases of the Cosmos. Whatever is developed under a certain set of conditions reproduces those conditions in the recapitulation through which it goes prior to the undertaking of original development.

The Great Entity, then, having this basis of cosmically evolved factors to work upon, and through many elaborations combines them into the infinite diversity of a manifested universe. Therefore, the diversity of a manifested universe can be resolved into the prime simplicity of the Cosmic beginnings. Each phase or aspect of the universe has its origin in a similar phase or aspect of the Cosmos.

A Great Entity, having settled down upon its Cosmic orbit, proceeds upon its work of evolution. Having had the Cosmic factors implanted in its nature by its experiences, it proceeds indenpendently of the Cosmic impulse to bring them into function of its own momentum or “will”.

Note that we are still speaking in terms of dynamics. It takes a high degree of evolution before we can speak in terms of psychology, but there is an unbroken line of development from movement to thought, Tangential movement is a simple form of reaction. Thought is an infinitely more complex form of reaction. It is a difference of degree, not a difference of kind. Fundamentally, there is no difference of kind, because all can be reduced to the Prime Central Stillness. Although there is a difference of kind upon the planes of manifestation due to the transition from plane to plane of any Ray or line of force being marked by a sub-division of that Ray. Note that consciousness is limited in its objective functioning to one plane at a time, a unity of the innermost cannot be perceived save by the consciousness that stands therein. We preceive that there are differences of kind in manifestation, although there is a fundamental unity. A difference in degree is calculated along the length of the same Ray; a difference of kind is marked by the sequenece of Rays round the circle.

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Thursday 19 April, 2018

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