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The Twelve Rays

The Seven Cosmic Planes

The movement of the Ring-Cosmos sets up secondary swirls within the area of its influence; its tendency is to draw more and more space into its spin. It cannot extend externally being limited by the sphere of the Ring-Chaos; it therefore extends itself internally, so that the spinning belt finally becomes a spinning disc with the center immobile.

The spinning disc, being rotated by the secondary movement which is the Ring-Pass-Not, becomes a spinning sphere.

The interaction of the two forms of movement is naturally neutralizing, consequently there is a break-up of the simple movement of the disc into a series of compromises. The chief point of activity ceases to be the circumference but now becomes the center.

Though the Ring- Cosmos, the Ring-Chaos, and the Ring-Pass-Not each continue in one plane, and spin in their own place, the synthesis of their movement give rise to a series of revolving radii. These radii are the Rays.

the diagram You must conceive of them as a series of revolving spirals linking the center to the circumference and see:

  1. The influence of the Ring-Chaos in the force which causes the outgoing current to flow towards the periphery.
  2. The influence of the Ring-Cosmos in the force which causes the current to flow towards the center.
  3. The center is the synthesis of all the forces, and the balancing of them.

It will be perceived then, that upon the Cosmos plane the Rays gives rise to the Central Sun.

We have now arrived at the point when, in addition to the three great "primaries", the Cosmic Trinity, which are strictly external to the Cosmos they have generated, we have a purely cosmic movement, the movement of the flowing Rays, the Rays that flow out and return.

Now these circular Rays which are reflected back from the Ring-Pass-Not must be thought of in pairs, each one being in special association with its opposite number, so that the true movement is that of the figure eight on its side, the outgoing flow being above in one half of the circle, and below in the opposite half.

These new movements set up stresses among themselves which give rise to a series of concentric rings of movement, so that the Cosmos becomes divided up into segments of influence. The movements of the spinning Rays and the concentric Circles are know as the great "secondaries." There are twelve Rays and seven concentric Circles (seven Cosmic Planes). †

† See "The Cosmic Doctrine," by Dion Fortune

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Thursday 19 April, 2018

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