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The Prime Atom

Within the segments are set up the movements which are known as "Tangentials." The nearest analogy to these is the Brownian movements of atoms, The intersecting of the Circles and Rays giving rise to angles, and the sharp tangential movement thus occasioned introduces a new factor into the Cosmos.

Now you have been presented with three types of movements for your contemplation.

  1. The interaction of the primal Rings.
  2. The interaction of the secondary Rays and Circles.
  3. The tangential movements occasioned by the opposition of the angles in the secondaries.

These tangential movements the lines of force are continually crossing each other's paths, being confined to small segments of The Cosmos. Where they cross, a vortex is set up by the opposing influences' modifying each others' actions. Therefore, instead of proceeding in these slight curves which give rise to enormous circles, they are deflected into a new movement and, gyrating about each other, become relatively static, thus setting up a composite unit, two forces, which no longer are influenced independently by the attractions of the greater forces, but are influences together. Thus are atoms forms, two interlocking forces, setting up a vortex and gyrating about each other instead of circling the limits of the Cosmos.

This is the formation of the "prime atom." These atoms, acting as units, likewise perceive the attraction of the movements about them and begin to move in their turn, and the same process occurs again. Atoms in movement meet and gyrate, and so the process is continued. The tendency of the composite atoms is to travel towards the periphery, and of the simple atoms to remain near the center. It is thus that the planes of Cosmos matter are developed.

To recapitulate, we have:

  1. The movement of the Rings.
  2. The movement of the Rays and concentric Circles.
  3. The movement of the Tangentials within the segments.
  4. The movement of the vortices.
  5. The movement of the composite Atoms.

You must pay attention to the numbering here.

  1. refers to The Absolute.
  2. refers to The Manifest.
  3. refers to Evolution.
  4. refers to Form.
  5. refers to Life.

You have had described to you the types of movement which make up the Cosmos. The primary Rings and the secondary Rays and Circles. Now these are the basis of a Cosmos, and their influences are the underlying influences of that Cosmos. Their revolution it is which makes the great cycles called the "Days" and "Night" of Brahma, manifestation, a Day being the time when an aspect of the Cosmos is within the positive area of the magnetic field generated by the spinning Rings; and a Night when it is in the negative area. It is that which bring about the periodical appearing and disappearing of all existences, great and small.

By knowledge of these Cosmic tides, the illuminated man can avail himself of their forces. Knowledge of the significance of numbers is essential to that endeavor.

These then are the original influences; they may be thought of as the framework of the Cosmos.

The tangential forces, within the segments of their inter-action, set up vortices; these vortices are the Primal Atoms. You may perceive them in the building of an atom the same laws are at work as enabled the Ring Cosmos and the Ring-Chaos to build the Cosmos. It is the Law of the Opposing Forces which produced atoms, the atoms themselves become forces, because they move in their turn; and so, by more then one attraction. So that, from the simple right-angled movement, produces by a single opposing force, vortices are described of a polyhedral type. You see the materialized form of such reactions in different types of crystal to which they give rise to upon the physical plane.

So that you will get atoms the tangential path of whose component forces can be anything from a simple three sided figure to a complex polyhedral figure. †

† See "The Cosmic Doctrine," by Dion Fortune

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Thursday 19 April, 2018

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