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The Cosmic Trinity

You have to conceive of the Cosmos, in its primal aspect, as three spinning movements. That's all there is, just movement in space, a pure frictionless movement and the prime movement which gives rise to all that is. The Cosmos is bounded by that movement which is called the Ring-Pass-Not. But besides the Ring-Pass-Not there are movements in two directions. These are the Rings Cosmos and Chaos, "progression" and "opposition," and they are the sources of the forces influence that which is within the Ring-Pass-Not, that which is within this Ring cannot pass beyond it.

These three movements are the three "primaries" of the Cosmos - the first Trinity. Everything in the end is reducible to these three influences. Whatever subsequent stresses arise may be analyzed into the balancing of these three forces.

  1. The force of the Ring-Cosmos which tends towards the center.
  2. The force of the Ring-Chaos which tends towards outer space.
  3. The force of the Ring-Pass-Not which holds the balance between them and prevents either of these forces from going to extremes.

The Ring-Pass-Not, however, is derived from the Ring-Cosmos, and therefore partakes of its nature rather than of that of the Ring-Chaos.

The Ring-Chaos must always be thought of as having its affinity to unmanifestation. It looks towards the past and ever seeks the conditions of the past.

The Ring-Cosmos endeavors to focus, as the Ring-Chaos endeavors to diffuse. The tendency of the Ring-Cosmos is towards the future.

The Ring-Chaos can never build anything, because whatever forces it may originate diffuse unconfined into outer space. But the Ring-Cosmos, in conjunction with the Ring-Pass-Not conserves its forces. For the forces which the Ring-Cosmos radiates into that space within its circumference cannot pass out again because they are confined by the influences of the Ring-Pass-Not. Therefore, they act and interact among themselves, producing ever greater and greater elaborations of influences.

Any form of force, when it has reached the maximum momentum of its type of movement, give rise to the secondary movements which serve to carry off the excess of the force which it is generating; for force begets force when moving under frictionless conditions.

The prime activity is MOVEMENT.

The second activity is LIGHT.

The third activity is SOUND.†

† See "The Cosmic Doctrine," by Dion Fortune

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Thursday 19 April, 2018

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