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The Building A Micro Cosmos

As Above So Below

A Great Entity commences its evolution by developing not the Cosmic Rings, but the concepts of those Rings. It puts in motion the memories of the experiences its condensed substance underwent when that substance was a part of the primordial tides. It knows “good” and “evil” and therefore is a God. It is the knowledge of good and evil which enable it to manifest, because the “good” is a dynamism, and the “evil” is a thrust-block. The Ring-Pass-Not of a universe is the limitation of the attention of the Great Entity forming that universe. It is the determination to concentrate its attention upon the task it has set itself.

Now then this travelling atom, having passed through all the phases of Cosmic evolution up to that which its production is the crown and completion, makes a final journey to the Central Stillness. Then, by the overbalancing of the equilibrium it issues forth. At this stage of development it itself is a center of attraction due to its specific gravity, as it draws to itself atoms of each plane through which it passes until it arrives at its place on the cosmic belt determened by its mass, specific gravity. In this new organisation thus formed, a central nucleus consisting of the travlling atom. This central nucleus will have implicit in it the modes of reaction to which it became habituated during its experience of the phases of Cosmic evolution.

Continuing its habituate reactions in their ordered sequence this nuclear atom continues these accustomed reactions owing to the momentum of its particles. These actions upon its part induce the corresponding reactions of the loose aggragations of matter from each Cosmic plane that are gathered about it. Thus is built up a microcosmic Cosmos.

Perceive then, this micro Cosmos with the nuclear atom corresponding to the Central Stillness which, in the macro Cosmos, transmuted all reactions into actions, has the same function performed by the nuclear atom. At the same time, the entire organism is subject to the phases of the Cosmic forces, its synthetic aspect receiving an impluse of stimulative forces when the positive phase of a segments of the circle predominates; and its analytical aspect receiving a stimulus when passing through those segments of the circle in which the negative forces predominate. Likewise, as it passes through the sphere of influence of each Ray, will the corresponding forces in its own nature receive an additional stimulus.

Let us conceive, then, this Great Organism travelling round a circle which is divided into four quarters, positive and negative alternately, and in addition to this each quarter is subdivided into the spheres of influence of three Rays. You have now the keys to the periods of evolution; but, as the Great Organism we are considering is itself a miniature Cosmos, you will preceive a more rapid cycle of organization within its nature.

In addition to these influences there is another set of influences to be considered. These are the gravitational attractions of others great Organism upon other planes of the Cosmos.

The relations between one Great Oganism and others upon its own plane are fixed and determined before further evolution begins and are constants. But the revolution of Great Organism upon other planes of the Cosmos are conducted at different paces, and without relation to Entities of other planes than their own. They will pass inline with each other periodically, blocking the pull of the central attraction upon those organism further out than themselves, and also exerting a gravitational attraction upon all particles of their own plane and planes above their own in the mass of a Great Organism on an outer path.

This periodic disruption of the central attraction upsets the equilibrium, of the outer Orgamism, blocking the centripetal check upon the centrifugal force, but the tendency of certain types of molecules to fly inward towards the attracting body tends to counter balance this. Also the whole will of the nuclear atom of that Organism is to maintain constant the habituated conditions which have become the law of its natuire, which we would call “Natural Laws” upon their discovery.

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Thursday 19 April, 2018

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