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The Unmanifest is pure existence. We cannot say of it that it is not. Although it is not manifest, it is. IT is the source from which all arises. IT is the only "Reality." It alone is substance. IT alone is stable; all else is an appearance and a becoming. Of this Unmanifest we can only say "IT IS." IT is the verb "to be" turned back on itself. IT is a state of pure "being." without qualities and without history. All we can say of IT is that it is not anything that we know, for if we know anything it must be in manifestation for us to know it, and of it is in manifestation that proves that it is not unmanifest. The Unmanifest is the Great Negation; at the same time IT is the infinite potency which has not occurred. It is best conceived of under the image of interstellar space; and of the Logos as a Sun surrounded by its Solar System of Planets; and the emanations of the Logos as Rays. The Unmanifest is the only Unity. Manifestation begins when duality occurs.

The prime duality is "space" and "movement." The first manifestation was a current in space; all we can say is that "space" was moving. Ponder this state and you will find much.

Now, when space moves it has this peculiar quality. Being frictionless it never loses momentum, but continues to flow. When space moves two factors are at work:

  1. The force which causes it to move, being the desire of space for momentum.

  2. The force which has hitherto caused it not to move, being the desire of space for inertia.

These two factors are present in all motion, but the desire for movement, being stronger, overcomes the desire for inertia, and the desire for inertia continues as a check upon the movement. Therefore the movement is pulled upon slightly. That is why there is on such thing as a straight line in the Cosmos. All movement has a slight curve in its projection; therefore, eventually it returns to the point whence it started, and forms a spinning ring.

Now, the prime movement is just a flowing of space that returns after long eons whence it started, and then renews its journey. This sets up a spinning belt of enormous circumference. This belt spins in one plane for immense eons of time; spins with a changeless spinning. But its tendency is to communicate its motion to the space about it, which leads more space to flow into the spinning. (All this, remember is metaphor.) The spinning in one plane continues until the stresses which it generates evoke a new movement, and a second current in space is set up at a right angle to the first, and the same process is repeated.

We now have two spinning planes, one within the other, and it is worth noting that the sound plane forms out side the first, and is therefore lager in diameter.

For countless eons these planes spin at right angles to each other, and the whole of evolution turns upon the difference in size between the planes. When the larger has attained the same speed as the smaller and older, it commences to attract one aspect of it, the consequence being that the older circle is drawn towards the newer.

Now, the first circle must be conceived of as having an upper and a lower surface. The upper surface of the out flowing arc may be conceived of as positive, and the lower as negative. The reverse being the case in the inflowing arc.

Likewise with the second circle to arise.

These circles are mutually attracting and repelling each other; so that you can conceive the upper surface of the out flowing arc (of the first circle) being positive, rising up towards its complementary aspect in the second circle, and the lower surface in the returning arc pressing downwards, so that you get a second movement imparted to the spinning disc. When this secondary movement has completed its first circuit and sets up its steady revolution, the new Cosmos is in being. That is the prime beginning of a Cosmos expressed in the nearest approximate metaphor.

The secondary spin of the first circuit is the Ring-Pass-Not, and the circuit of the of the second formation is that sphere which sets a bound to Chaos. On the outer sphere there is also a secondary derivation, and though a spinning circle of motion, it represents, for that Cosmos, the prime stillness, the immobility in which it is roots, it is the thrust-block of the force of the Cosmos, that which resists, which alone enable momentum to be achieved, and you may call it the Ring-Chaos, the "Prime Opposition." It is evolved from the reaction of the prime force in order to take its thrust It spins at right angles to the prime spin. It counteracts it. It was the attraction of the Ring-Chaos which set the Ring-Cosmos in its second motion, and so formed that secondary spin which we call the Ring-Pass-Not, the prime limitation. Therefore, at base, it is the Prime Opposition which enables the Cosmos to come into being.†

† See "The Cosmic Doctrine," by Dion Fortune

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Thursday 19 April, 2018

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