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The Building of a Solar System

When an atom has completed the circuit of the Rays and seeks to start out again, it finds its place taken by atoms of later development. It can not enter that stream for it is full; it must remain in the Central Stillness, because once the circuit of the Rays has been completed the atom has become so hightly evolved, too composite to be allowed to remain upon any plane. No atom goes twice round the circuit, and those atoms which have come home rest from their pilgrimage; and when the last atom has come home the whole creation sinks to sleep, and Cosmic Tides set inwards as the Ring-Cosmos swings to its negative phase..

The Rays continue to flow and return and the Circles spin on their path, but the atoms stir not, though each within itself contains an infinitude of balanced movement. When the Ring-Cosmos passes into a new phase, fresh forces pull towards the periphery.

Let us clearly understand the functioning of the Ring-Cosmos and the Ring-Chaos. When the Ring-Chaos passes into its positive phase the influence is an unbalancing force and when the Ring-Cosmos passes into to its positive phase it is a compensating force, it balances the excessive force of the Ring-Chaos.

The Ring-Chaos pulls outwards into space, and the Ring-Cosmos balances and compensates until a static condition or equilibrium is achived.

The first phase of atomic evolution has concluded with all the atoms evolved to their maxium complexity and withdrawn from the outer circles and clustered around the Central Sun. The Ring-Cosmos has completed its work, all is balanced, static and sleeps. The cycle continues and the Ring-Chaos passes into its positive phase setting up centrifugal forces pulling all towards outer space, upsetting the balance achived. The most composite or most evolved atoms feel first the centrifugal force urging them, yet again to come forth, these great units again come out moving down lines of the Rays. But during this journy space is not empty, for each Circle is populated by atoms of a different degree of complexity, whose specific gravity holds them in place orbiting the Central Stillness.

These composite organisms attract these lesser evolued orbiting atoms about themselves by the force of their specific gravity and rotoary motion, and as they progress outward, each becomes surrounded by a sphere of the matter of each plane which it carries with it.

Now the Great Organisms which come forth are built up around the prime atoms of different tangential angels, and according to their numerical compositions differs in size and also weight, and therefore find their appropriate boundary on different planes or Circles where they are held by their relative specific gravity. The Ray can carry them no further.

The first phase of atomic evolution was essentially concerned with the conditioning of the atoms by the Rays, and the second phase is concerned these Great Organisms revolving with the Circles in their appropriate obits.

At this point, evolution has built up the primal Rings, the Rays, the Circles and now, the atoms and the Great Oranisms, which have all settled down, each in its plane according to type and owing to their specific gravity settle down, each to its orbit. The atoms move tangentially among themselves, and the Great Organisms revolve around the Central Sun, passing through the influences of the Rays as they revolve, and are relatively static, subject only to the cyclic changes produced by the phases of the Rings and the infulences of the Rays as they pass through them.

Each of these Great Organisms can attract to itself as of the matter of each plane as it can hold by the attraction of its mass, and its orbital path extends out as far as the momentum of its mass can take it from the Central Sun; therefore, its position is determined by the angles of the facets of the primal atom upon which it is built. So if the vortex set up in the angles of the Rays moved in a three-sided path, it could go no further than the first plane beyond the Central Stillnes; it would have to be a ten-sided figure to reach the seventh plane and evolve there. Each of these Great Organisms has for its key the number of the angles in the path of the vortex which gave rise to it. This forms its limit and determines the circumference of its influence or its particular Ring-Pass-Not.

These Great Organisms which, being exposed to the influence of the Rings, the Rays, and the Circles, each of these aggregates of atoms sorts itself out according to the nature of the atoms composing it, and these atoms, having developed under their prime influences, and having these influences estabished in their natures by action and interaction they set up, form micro-cosmos and those Great Orgamisms which have settle and evolued upon the seventh plane are known to you as the Solar System.

Let us recapitulate. Motion in spase is the Prime. When its circuit is concluded it forms the Ring-Cosmos, which gives rise to the Ring-Chaos, which, by its secondary influence, causes the Ring-Cosmos to form the Ring-Pass-Not. This is the Three, the Trinity, the Absolute or Parabrahm.

The inflowing influences, converging upon the center and ratiating to the periphery, are the Rays, The Twelve.

The motions of the Cosmos give rise to the Seven. The Circles or planes.

The converging angles of the Rays give rise to the tangential motions.

These, when inopposition, give rise to the Prime Atoms.

The atoms, moving in their turn along the paths of differing angularities, form the complex atoms which centrifugal force sorts out upon the planes.

So that you have in the Central Stillness no atoms only the Primal Cosmic Forces.

Upon the first plane you have atoms whose path is a triangular one, the atoms on this plane is based upon three; at first the simplest atom presents three aspects, and the most complex in a composite of three. The atoms of the second plane have four for their number, and the third plane have five; the fourth plane six, and so on, down to the seventh plane which has nine.

The Prime Tertiary is ten. Ten is the Number of evolution, because it is the atoms of ten angles the evolve.

You will perceive from the foregoing that the Primaries gave rise to each other, and having evolved, cycle folowing cycle in orderly progression. They have completed their course and have achieved their maximum complexity. Under the influence of the phaces of the Primaries the secondary movements pursue their courses.

The secondary movements obey the laws of their own natures, subject to the laws and conditions of the Primaries.

Likewise, with the tartiaries each plane of existence pursues its course, subject to the influences of that phase which gave rise it.

Let us perceive, the Ring-Cosmos passes through its positive and negative phases. The Rays, being subject to the forces which gave rise it, therefore flows faster on the negative or outgoing arc when the negative phase of the Ring-Cosmos is acting upon their segment, and flows faster on the positive or incoming arc when the positive phase of the Ring-Cosmos is acting upon their segment of the universe is influenced by the positive phase.

Each segment of a Ray is influenced by the circle in whose area it lies. Therefore it is seen that a journeying atom will be subject, at given time, to the influences of the Ray upon which it is travelling; to its position upon the Ray, whether upon the outflowing or inflowing aspect; to the plane through which it is passing; and to the phases of the Ring-Cosmos. So if you wish to understand the conditions of a given travelling atom, you must know the facets of its path, the phases of the influences to which its nature is reacting. The phases of this Sideral Astrology are so vast that they concern only the lives of the Solar Systems, just as the planetary astrology concerns the phases of the planets.

It is obvious then if you consider the life of a man, you must consider it in relation to the solar system of which he forms a part

You see, then, that there are atoms of specific types that have settled down permanently upon each plane, and move at constant distances from the Central Stillness.

Now, with regard to the evolution of the travelling atoms, these give rise to Solar Systems.

Let us remember that these solar systems arose on different planes of the universe according to their Cosmic specific gravity. That they start their evolution at different phases of Cosmic development. Remember also, that the outgoing atoms attracts matter from each plane it pass through populating their universe.

Let us consider the phases of the development of the systems that originate upon the seventh Cosmic plane, which is where our solar system evolved. Let us invision the life of a particular travelling atom which is to become our sun and attendant system of planets.

This atom, having passed out through the placid planes of Cosmic matter and taken with it as much as it can draw from each plane arrives finally at its own plane where an equilibrium is established between the centrifugal and centripetal forces of the Cosmos and its own mass. It then settles down upon its orbit.

The Cosmic influences to which it is exposed can be calculated in an orderly sequence, because they are definitely established. It will pass round the twelve Rays, and experience the changes of the phases of the Rings; and, in addition to this, the influences of the Great Organisms of the other planes will, whenever their orbits bring them near each other, influence the matter drawn from that plane

This Great Organism has settled down to its orbit. You can conceive of it as a nucleus of the orginal travelling atom surrounded by great cloudy, unformed, unorganised belts of matter of different planes. These are held about it by the attraction of its mass; and the limit and extent of its attraction marks the extent of the system. Like all else in the Cosmos, this mass has a rotoary motion which is derived from the original central atom.

The movement of the atom within its orbit gradually connects its movement with that of the whole, and the mass flattens out into a spinning disc; then the motions, which you saw in the formation of a Cosmos, are gone through, because the laws of motion are the same upon every plane, and the solar system sorts out its matter into seven planes owing to specific gravity.


Thursday 19 April, 2018

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